The preschool is a registered charity and the Committee plays a crucial role to support the team at the setting and enhance the children’s experience whilst they are there.

The preschool upholds the constitution as set out by the Early Learning Alliance. Part of the constitution that we are abided to, states that 60% of trustees must be parents of children attending the setting. Therefore, parents are expected to participate in the AGMs and volunteer to be a Trustee if they can. 

What does being on the committee involve?

Once you are DBS cleared and in the EY2 register, the committee needs to hold a meeting preferably once a term, however, generally most decisions are made on email. Therefore your commitment is minimal. An AGM is usually held in the Autumn term to allow trustees with children who have left the setting to step down and new trustees to step up. 

Another important job of the committee is to help fundraise. We usually use the funds to pay for activities such as trips to the theatre/ farm or equipment. You are not expected to run the fundraising completely as you can call upon parent volunteers however we do need members to lead the fundraising. 

The overriding responsibility of the committee is to:

  • manage the preschool’s resources responsibly
  • manage the staff at the preschool 
  • hold regular meetings (suggested once a term) to monitor finances and child numbers to ensure we are not under or over staffed. Admin produces the finance reports and child numbers for the meetings. 
Frequently asked questions
Am I financially liable?
Yes, essentially. Click here for more information. However the last treasurer put in place Professional Indemnity & Management Protection as part lf our insurance which covers for £0.5m. 

I work full-time. It would be impossible for me to commit.

In the past, the majority of current committee members work full-time and even half travel abroad for their job and have been able to make it work. With current technology, it means that a lot of decisions can be made via email and the committee meetings are used to clarify any points or discuss sensitive matters unsuitable for email, which is rare.

I don’t understand numbers/ I don’t have the experience

There is often a misconception that members need to know everything. But this is not true, and being part of the committee is an excellent way to learn about how the setting is run and you can make a positive impact on the setting for your child. We have existing committee members who although are moving on, would still be happy to provide support when needed and would not leave you in the lurch. The committee has worked really hard over the last 5 years to get to the smooth running of the preschool you see today. It would be a shame if that hard work no longer paid for itself if we had to make significant changes to the committee setup.  If you don’t have experience, you will most certainly obtain it and it will look great on the CV.

What does it actually involve?

You can be involved as little or as much as you like. Minimum requirements are: attending committee meetings (although there can be exceptions) and the AGM and responding to emails where decisions are to be made. Decisions to be agreed upon tend to be clustered  so there is no danger of a bombardment of emails.

I’m in! What do I need to do?

Great to have you onboard! Please follow the instructions below to get your DBS check and how to join the EY2 register.

I want to help but not on the committee. How else can I help?

That’s great. Please speak to Mrs Riddle so we can discuss how you can help. There are many other ways to support the committee. Particularly with the Spring Fair organisation.

How regularly do we attend meetings? How long are the meetings?

As a committee, you can define this, but it is recommended that there be at least one meeting a term. With an extra one in the summer term. It also depends on if there are lots of changes or decisions to be made but generally a meeting last 1.5 to 2 hours.

What do I have to contribute?

Just yourselves! We need at least 4 members at the meetings to ensure decisions made are compliant to the constitution.

Pen/paper and your diary would also be handy. If you are the secretary, a laptop is useful to write the minutes.

What’s the onboarding process?

You will need to get an enhanced DBS Check.

Once received you need to apply as a volunteer member for an EY2 check.

Any questions, please email admin who will forward this to the current chair.

I’m in. What do I need I need to do to join the committee?

Thank you for joining the preschool committee, it’s great to have you on board.

There are 3 things you need to do. The first two items are best to do ASAP as they take a while to process.

  1.  Complete Ofsted EY2 Paperwork
  2. Get an enhanced check with barred lists from DBS.
  3.   Fill in attached trustees details (excel sheet) and return to admin.

More details are below to help you with the process. However, do reach out to if you have any problems.

  2. Click on apply to daycare button. 
  3. Set up a gov gateway password. 
  4. You should receive your logins via email.
  5. Login to complete the EY2 form.

Information you need to apply:

  • Parents are applying to become part of the registered body, not nominated person. 
  • URN number for setting is 122703. 
  • You are registering as part of organisation that provides childcare / Committee-run childcare)
  • You will be a volunteer. 

6. Your EY2 is not complete until your DBS check is complete.

To apply for Enhanced DBS, click on the link in the form. If link doesn’t work, go to:

7. When you get to this screen on the right in step two:

For organisation reference, enter, OFSTEDA
and leave the Organisation Code blank.

As per instructions here: