Snow Fun

Snow Fun

As adults you either love it or hate it but as a child that magical white stuff that is settling all around us at the moment is a fascinating sight that provides numerous learning opportunities. As you may have read in our previous blog we are big on outdoor play and learning (See more here) at Little Garden Day Nurseries and snow provides a whole new world of exciting activities and experiences. From our Little Buds to our Little Climbers we have been encouraging all ages to explore and discover and some amazing fun and learning has taken place.

With the snow set to stick around for a while longer we have decided to share with you some of the activities and opportunities we will be sharing with our children over the coming days. From building snowmen to investigating ice, the possibilities are endless!

Snow Paint

Things don’t get much easier than this and it allows for some great creative play that washes away when the snow does! To create snow paint all you will need is some spray bottles, water and food colouring. Mix the food colouring and water together and then pour it in to the spray bottles. Next round up your little artists, wrap them up warm and send them out in to the garden with their bottles. This provides hours of endless fun and they will probably cover every inch of snow in your garden before getting bored!!

Snow Volcano

Making a snow volcano is really easy, and also so much fun for your older children! We often do this experiment inside with homemade volcano’s but doing it in the snow makes it that little bit more exciting! Make sure you have lots of baking soda and vinegar on hand, because your kids will want to make their volcano erupt again & again!

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